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Thomas Blau

Siwa® Builder And Inventor

Already when he was a boy, his favorite pastime was crafting. When Thomas designed Siwa®, he could make full use of this creative passion and exquisite sense of beauty. A conche with a character has been created.

Tuan Toni Tran


A young, wild force in the team, at least as far as design with the latest 3D CAD tools is concerned. For each idea, however crazy it may be, Toni has always a practical solution at hand.

Pius Bucher


His dexterity with bits and bytes is unique.
This is why Siwa® works so gentle and is so easy to operate. Pius has made the machine alive.


Jacqueline Moser

Marketing and Web

She knows how to show the beauty and esthetics of Siwa® in a glamorous and emotional way. With her energized creativity, Jacqueline Gross conjures a smile on the face of young and old alike.

Siwa® – for smiling eyes